From the Beginning

Hello Web World!

I am a university business student about to embark on a journey about learning what it would really take to improve the consumer choices I make.

The inspiration of this blog comes mainly from a class discussion last semester regarding sustainability and corporations. A student made the argument that it isn’t that people are not concerned enough about sustainability to influence corporations but that they are restrained by their own resources which makes their consumer choices different from their values.

I definitely have felt like I’ve been in this category, but lately have been beginning to wonder what it would actually cost me in time and money to make changes. I know some will still be beyond my current ability (I’m not running out to buy a hybrid car anytime soon!), but I believe that many are probably not as unattainable as I think they are, and I would guess that there’s even a few changes that would improve things for me.

So this is an exploration in my personal consumer choices and resource restrictions. More than anything I hope to raise my own awareness about the options available, even if I can’t use everything I learn right now.

Some of the major areas I hope to explore is the waste from products I use or buy, including the following:

  • Finding alternative products that have less packaging
  • Finding products that have more reusable/recyclable/biodegradable packaging
  • Actually figuring out New Brunswick’s “Wet-Dry” trash system to better optimize the waste that I do have
  • Doing research into various aspects as they arise, such as into specific chemicals or waste processing procedures
  • Connecting with other people/resources who are interested in this area

Now, I am a fourth year student living in a very small town, so my available resources, money, and time are not unlimited, but the point of and challenge of this blog is to see if I can work around those limitations.

I’m sure there are many people who have far more experience in this area than I do which is why I wanted to take this into a blog. I would love to hear from other people who have suggestions, comments, and further information. I know not everything is as “green” as it seems, and I would love to discuss how to be wise about more sustainable living without going broke or getting duped.

Thanks for joining me!



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