Money Matters

So I have hit my first example of my resources limiting (and even possibly changing) my consumer choices.

I work while I’m at school, and while I had part-time hours last semester, my hours for this semester have been cut back slightly, making me feel more money conscious. The same day I found this out, after adjusting my budget, I also went to the grocery store for the first time since starting this blog (I try to only go once a week).

Now, I did remember to bring reusable bags with me, though I was already out of the house and down the driveway before I remembered them. But as soon as I was at the grocery store I can’t say I thought any further about sustainability beyond meeting my own sustaining needs via nutrition. My focus became getting the staples that I needed for the lowest cost. Honestly I did pretty well under those criteria, spending below even what I had budgeted, but I purposely bought the non-organic carrots because they were a bit cheaper, didn’t think twice about the packaging of the products I was buying, and wasn’t overly concerned about what went into the process of producing the meat I bought.

As soon as I stepped into that store, the price signs became the most important aspect of a product to me, especially with the added pressure of having money on my mind anyway.

I feel like this is a prime demonstration of what my classmate was talking about that I mentioned in the first blog. We may want to make better choices , but making those choices a priority, especially under financial pressures, is much harder.

I suppose the next time I go to the grocery store, I’ll just have to try harder to at the very least remember to take into account sustainability issues other than my own, though right now I’m not sure if that would have changed my buying habits or not.


2 thoughts on “Money Matters

  1. Hi Jessica,

    It’s so interesting to read of someone’s experiences at the commencement of their sustainable journey.

    I can understand the money dilemma; you are not alone on that one. I wonder if you have access to farmers markets or a plot of land you could grow something in?

    My best wishes to you, I’ll be following with interest.


    • Hello Michael!

      There is a fairly large farmer’s market in the summertime, and still a small one in the winter. I’m pretty sure I could at least buy eggs and carrots from there currently, and I believe they also sell meat so that’s definitely a possibility. With the snow currently I can’t grow anything outside, but it would be interesting to look into growing indoor plants.

      Thank you for following my blog! It’s great to connect with people who are further along in this lifestyle and get inspiration and practical advice.


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