I’m about to travel in one of the dirtiest means of transportation we have: flying.

I’m flying from New Brunswick to India, so other options such as taking a bus or train just aren’t going to cut it.

I don’t have to go on this trip. It’s voluntary, but educational and I like to think that I’ll get a lot out of being able to go, but when I sit down and think about it there’s going to be a lot of waste involved. Not only is the flying bad but there’s also other things such as knowing that I will only be drinking sealed bottled water, eating a lot at restaurants especially while travelling, and I have purchased a lot of “travel sized” items because I am not taking a check bag, just a carry on.

I know this is all bad for the environment, but it’s hard to say no to an all expenses paid trip to a international conference on the area of business I want to turn into my career. Sure I might be able to get experience some other way, but as an undergraduate I tend to jump at anything that might help me stand out once I need to graduate and find a “real” job.

Should I have passed on this amazing opportunity because of environmental concerns? Individually it’s really easy to say no, but as soon as I think about it on a collective basis the answer is clearly yes to me.

I find myself really wishing that technology and science would catch up with our wants and desires already. It would be great if we could sustain the globalization of our world without having to do it with technologies that damage the earth so much. I suppose it comes down to wishing we could have our pie and eat it to; to live better without sacrificing to get it. I always think I should go into the sciences and start to find some of these solutions, maybe I will someday. Or more likely help make sure that the scientists have the funding, organization, and support to do what they do.

Social Enterprises for the Development of Sustainable Technology?

I wish that kind of technology revolution had happened already, but hopefully I can be a small part of it happening in my lifetime.

Regardless, I’m off to warmer climates!




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