Back to the Grocery Store

So I had more success at the grocery store this time around with my purchases.

To begin with though, I got confused over carrots… I usually buy baby carrots because they’re fairly cheap (usually cheaper than full sized carrots) and convenient. The ones I usually buy is not organic but I wasn’t quite sure which ones were organic. I ended up buying some full sized carrots from Quebec which I figured was at least not too far away for shipping. I think next time I would get a brand called Organics Biologique, though it’s a bit more expensive with smaller bags than the larger bags of baby carrots I usually get.

I did have more success with soap. My roommate and I needed more dish washing and hand soap. I didn’t find a whole lot of options except for a Clorox line called “Green Works”. They claim to be mostly made up of organic materials, and the ingredients list seems to be very  specifically written to be understandable and clear. It was $0.491 per 100 milliliters, while the usual options I would have gotten was $0.345 per 100 milliliters. So more expensive, but it could be worse.

Other things I usually buy to help reduce waste are things like tubs of yogurt instead of individual packs and bread made at the grocery store instead of pre-made breads.

We’ll see what I can continue to improve upon next time.




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