Practicality of Green

So one of the things I’ve found as I try to buy more thoughtfully is that I don’t always get the same usefulness out of the products.

A good example so far is groceries. I’ve been trying to buy larger and more local products, especially in produce. I can get bagged apples and carrots from maritime sources and have switched to buying whole mini hams instead of sliced deli ham to reduce processing and packaging. Unfortunately, buying more bulk quantities means that I’m not always able to use everything before it goes bad. I only cook for myself so there’s no real need for me to buy so much, though the smaller quantities are more processed and not always as local. I haven’t been able to figure out how to adjust my food purchases in a way that reduces the environmental impact while at the same time providing me with the right amount of food.

On the other side, I have found buying more “green” general house products has been fairly beneficial overall. I mentioned the dish soap in the previous post, but I have had positive experiences with other things as well. Just yesterday I went to buy some new toilet paper and was glad to see that there was a budget green option for it instead of just name brands. There’s an option here called “Green” (or “Vert” for the French) which is made by President’s Choice. It is more expensive than non-green products, but still cheaper than name brand green options. What I liked about this one was that is 100% from recycled sources. I’ve been learning a lot lately about the issues with various “stamps of approval” and thought going for a straight recycled product would help cut out some of the issues with misrepresentations. I’ve also been very glad to see cheaper green options becoming more widely available.

So far changing my buying habits has had some unexpected consequences, but hasn’t broken my budget either which is encouraging. I’m looking forward to seeing what other green products I’ll be able to purchases in the future.



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