Guilty Pleasure: Paper Towel


One of the items I’ve been having a hard time giving up are paper towels. I will use it for all kinds of things and go through several sheets a day. One of the things I use it for frequently is as a napkin.

My family used almost exclusively cloth napkins at home when I was growing up. I like them because they tend to be a lot more sturdy and useful than paper ones and definitely look a lot nicer on a table than paper ones. I know there are some arguments about whether they are actually greener because you still have to wash them which uses water and electricity (unless you’re like my parents, in which case propane).

According to this blog at least though, cloth napkins still use less energy and resources than paper napkins (even recycled ones). As I will be graduating and moving soon I think I may have to wait until I reach my new destination to invest in cloth napkins (the less stuff I have to move right now, the better), but it would be nice to have a cloth option again. Hopefully it will help me cut down on my frequency of use for paper towels, and maybe it would even encourage me to keep up with my laundry more.



One thought on “Guilty Pleasure: Paper Towel

  1. one big improvement in the past few years are the paper towels that have 1/2 sheet perforations. Before this I had been ripping paper towels in 1/2 as I did not always need to waste a full sheet.

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