After all this time, you’re still on my mind…

Wow time flies…

This weekend was the two year anniversary my arrival in London. There’s been lots of ups and downs since then but this blog has remaining on my mind and now seems like the right time to pick it back up again. I thought about starting a new blog that was specific to my time in London, but I’ve decided to keep this one for a couple of reasons:

1. The name: while I am technically a student again (accounting), I hope I never stop learning and I am still hopeless at making plants grow (maybe when I have my first successful garden I’ll change the name)

2. The message: while in a new context, the message still matters to me and has never left me

The message was the hardest part to return to and the reason I’ve stayed away from blogging so long. This blog was originally part of a class assignment in university to track an environmental lifestyle change. I wanted to do more than just change one behaviour though. There are so many choices presented throughout the day to be more sustainable that the idea of limiting myself to one seemed arbitrary (and honestly I find the idea of reporting on the length of my shower time just creepy). I came up with my own assignment to identify and change as many behaviours as possible. My limitations were pretty clear as a student with limited time and money. I build most of the posts around testing my assumption that it was too expensive to live more sustainably as a student. I was (pleasantly) surprised that I was wrong and it was a lot easier and not as expensive as I had thought it would be.

Without the restrictions of student life and to-the-penny budgeting (and pressure of a final grade on the project) I wasn’t sure I would have the same motivation as I did before. After two years though, I can say that this blog wasn’t just a phase or an assignment. It changed the way I look at my daily actions and I haven’t been able to go back to wasteful ways without guilt since. I wasn’t perfect in university by any means but each small change was really encouraged me and made me want to find another step to take.

That feeling is what’s kept this blog on my mind all this time and what brings me back to it now. Like exercising, each success only gave me the motivation to continue to try harder. While I don’t know that I’ll ever run a marathon or live trash-free, I know the way to get there is by focusing on being better today than you were yesterday.

So this blog is now about the continued experiment, the lifelong improvement, and the struggles of taking steps as an individual on behalf of something so big and incomprehensible as the Earth.

I think my About page says it best: “This blog is dedicated to every time I thought it would be too hard, too expensive, or too inconvenient to act in a more sustainable way”.

I look forward to proving myself wrong.



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